Tips On Grooming Your Beard

The average beard care consist of trimming, clipper cut, razor line up, beard oils or waxes to tame beard and cost anywhere from $35.00 to $100.00 depending where you go. Why pay all this money when you can save money for long term care at the hands of your finger tips.

Take pride in grooming your beard yourself. Here are some tips to Grow, Maintain and Trim for beard grooming. However I have went the extra mile to include products to use when it comes to managing and properly grooming your beard.


  • Wash Beard scrubbing down to skin to get dirt and anything else that might be trapped in beard. 
  • Comb Beard after washing to get tangles out. Its recommended to comb or brush beard once a day. Combing or brushing to much can cause split ends.
  • Use Beard Oil 2 x a day every day by massaging oil to hair follicles where roots start and end.

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  • Using Beard Oil allows the hair to soften while giving nutrients to roots. This will increase growth and thickness to beard.
  • The Beard Straightening Comb is perfect to use as it helps unruly hair and controls beard hair giving a more sleek look.
  • Beard Wax & Beard Balm comes in handy when dealing with fly away's and poof for lack of better words. 

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  • Once a week trim unless your beard requires more maintenance some hair is more unruly then others or if your lucky shave every 3-4 weeks. Beard Grows an average 1 1/2 inches a month.
  • Use Beard Wax or Beard Balm to manage beard and maximize control.
  • If you have bald spots or thin beard it's highly recommended to use Natural Beard Growth Serum and Beard Thickening Serum. Use 2x a day for best results. 

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  • Look for line where mustache meets cheeks then up sideburns.
  • Beard must be dry and no oils , make sure to comb or brush first.
  • Shaving Cream Or Shaving Cream Soap
  • Neck shaving try and stay above Adam's Apple ,tilt head back when doing so place line in "sad face" or "Semi Circle"
  • Use Beard Shaping Template to get straight line and Straight Razor for precise cut. 
  • Keep a clean shave often as it also helps the skin to breathe.
  • Using moisturizer keeps hair healthy and skin free from irritants that can cause skin rash, skin itch and discomfort.

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All products are suggestions, The Alpha Men Shop carries a verity of grooming products to suit your grooming need. If there is something we don't carry drop a comment we are always seeking to bring more value to our customer's.

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